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WG 2 Substrates, electrodes and templates

WG 2 Substrates, electrodes and templates

This WG will be devoted to find micro- and nanopatterning solutions with developed and optimized electrolytes. This will include establishing the ideal surfaces and electrodes (and their pre-treatments) and the optimal ways to pattern electrochemically processed materials.

Task 2.1: Surface and electrode treatments:

This task focuses on evaluating or developing surface modification for the purpose of growing films by electrochemical processing. For instance, these surface treatments aim at increasing the adhesion between dissimilar materials. Also, increasing the surface activation is especially crucial for electroless deposition.

Task 2.2: Patterned substrates:

In this task, different patterning techniques (2D and 3D-photolithography, e-beam and colloidal lithography, anodization) and pattern materials will be evaluated. Special attention will be given to the chemical compatibility of the patterns and the electrolyte formulations.

Task 2.3: Pattern-free substrates and localized techniques:

There have been several developments in the field of localized electrochemical deposition. These methods are based in the use micro- and nanocounterelectrodes, or by confining the electrolytes in micro- or nanodispensers. Recently, the use of micropatterned counterelectrode arrays has enabled the deposition of pattern-free microstructures. These techniques will be analyzed specially for cases in which there are issues related to pattern-electrolyte incompatibilities.


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