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Submit your application for the e-MINDS video award!

We are inviting applications for the e-MINDS video award from early career investigators pursuing research in the field of e-MINDS COST Action.

The e-MINDS video award will be given in the form of a Travel Award, consisting of up to 1000 € to cover the actual expenses (e.g. registration fee, travel and accommodation costs, …) associated to the attendance at a conference of applicant’s choice to be held no later than April 22, 2018. The applications will be assessed by an Evaluation Committee composed of Dr. Salvador Pané (Chair of the Action), Dr. Caterina Zanella (Responsible for gender balance of the Action) and Dr. Maria Lekka (Dissemination coordinator of the Action).

A general requirement will be that all candidates should be:
  1. Early career investigators (preferably PhD students).
  2. They must present their own, original work as an oral presentation (or poster) at the conference for which the travel award application is being made.
  3. If the abstract is selected for an oral presentation, the awardee must include a slide promoting e-MINDS COST Action.

Application deadline: January 31, 2018

Please check the application guidelines for the submission details and send your applications to scientific@e-minds.ch.

The winner will be announced by mid-February 2018. The winner video will be uploaded to the e-MINDS website to increase the visibility of the young researchers and will be used as promotion material of the Action.

Apply for “The Schwäbisch Gmünd Prize for young scientists 2017″

Apply for “The Schwäbisch Gmünd Prize for young scientists 2017″

The mission of the European Academy of Surface Technology (east) is to promote Europe‐wide science, research, training and education in the field of surface technology and related areas in order to contribute to the integration, understanding and friendship between European people and individuals.

In the spirit  of the mission of east, the Schwäbisch Gmünd Prize has been established with the purpose to  encourage promising young scientists within surface technology to continue their career in the spirit of east.

Read more about how to apply in the guidelines.

Impressions from our Training School in Brno

Impressions from our Training School in Brno

We’re looking back on a very successful Training School, taking place in Brno from April 11 to April 15, 2016. Thank you all for the productive Training School. A special thank you goes out to the Training School Coordinator and the Local Orginizers who laid the grounds for the successful event. And of course to all the engaged trainers & trainees. See some impressions…

Training School Brno April 11-15, 2016

Brno 2016

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon to our first Training School in Brno, Czech Republic from April 11-15th 2016. Change of Address! please check under Location.



Hotel reservation:

A room contingent is blocked for our participants at the Hotel VISTA. Please refer to "COST2016" upon reservation so the rooms can be assigned accordingly.


The first training school of the e-MINDS project will be held in the Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) Brno, Czech Republic. Please note the change of address: PURKYŇOVA 648/125, 601 60 Brno. View Map.

Brno is situated in a basin of the Svratka and Svitava rivers and is surrounded by forested hills from three sides. Brno is the administrative and cultural centre of the South Moravian Region and the second largest city of the Czech Republic (Prague is the first one).

For more information about Brno please visit:

Upon Arrival

Public Transportation in Brno

There is an Integrated Transport System (IDOS) which operates in Brno and the most part of the South Moravian Region. The system includes buses, trolleybuses and trams. Due to the zone system you can use only one ticket for traveling inside and outside the city as long as you do not travel more than the number of zones you have paid for. Ticket prices begin from €0, 74 per 15 minutes and €0, 92 per 60 minutes. Tickets can be purchased in vending machines, news-stands or from a driver. Vending machines accept only Czech crown (ticket: 20Kč/15min, 25Kč/60min etc.).

For more information look at:

Currency and Credit Cards

The currency unit in Czech Republic is the Czech crowns (sign: Kč; code: CZK). The current exchange rate to Euro and US dollar can be checked at Oanda Currency Converter (choose CZK as the Czech currency code). It is about 27 CZK for Euro and 24,8 CZK for USD. Participants may change foreign currency and travellers cheques at several banks located in the centre of the city as well as in many exchange bureaus, located at the at the railway station, at the airport or in many others places. International credit cards are accepted in all hotels, restaurants, and cash machines.


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